Junior Golf Gloves by The Power Glove

The Powerglove for JRs is recognized as the only golf glove that ensures a firm grip on the club throughout the swing. Most teaching professionals agree that the primary cause of bad shots is loose fingers. Loose fingers cause the clubface to twist in the hands, throwing off the desired alignment with the ball which causes a slice or hook.

Our junior golf gloves have a “powerstrap” attachment, which fixes the grip position so that even if regripping occurs at the top of the backswing, the club will not change direction but will allow the ball to be struck squarely on impact. Training young golfers with the Powerglove for JRs develops essential motor skills that young golfers need to acquire at an early age. These great golf gloves for juniors can be used throughout the golfer’s lifetime as a powerful retraining and practice aid.

Made of cabretta leather and quality synthetic for durable softness and weather resistant comfort, the Powerglove for JRs corrects loss of proper alignment during the backswing, thus building self-confidence in the Junior golfer.

Like our standard Powerglove Golf Gloves, The Powerglove for JRs can be used as a conventional glove simply by not using the “powerstrap,” which easily folds over and attaches to the Velcro pad on the back of the glove.

The Powerglove for JRs is available in Small, Medium, Large and X-Large sizes. Right-handed golfers order a glove for the left hand (LH), left-handed golfers order a glove for the right hand (RH)..

For instructions on how to put on your Powerglove, Click here

Advantages of the Powerglove for JRs

  • Locks the club in the proper grip position.
  • Works with all three basic grips.
  • Promotes the turning & coiling action, essential for greater distance.
  • Enhances motor control skills for the hands and mind.
  • Grips club firmly throughout the swing.
  • Teaches proper grip pressure.
  • Reduces twisting of the clubface at impact.
  • Reduces tendency to regrip.
  • Eliminates tension caused by too tight a grip.
  • Reduces glove wear at the heal of the palm.
  • Effective teaching and training aid.
  • Develops good grip habits that will last for many years.

Golf Training Tips for Parents:

  • Try to be your child’s learning coach instead of their parent.
  • Set small incremental goals that are clear and achievable.
  • Don’t dwell on setbacks, defeat can be devastating.
  • Keep it simple and fun. Children want to have fun and they are capable of understanding the mechanics of the swing.
  • Be patient, children get tired after repeated swinging. The more encouragement you give them, the better their experience.
  • Seek help. Consult your local PGA Pro for help in teaching your children.
  • Important: When children are trying their hardest, be tolerant of failure. Balance your own aspirations with your children’s for what they can realistically accomplish. Don’t push your children to learn – they’ll learn at their own pace.
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