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Mickey Jones ("Pete Bilker") Endorses Powerglove

Mickey Jones

Hi Folks, my name is Mickey Jones.  I'm an actor.  Although, you may know me better as, Pete Bilker of K&B Construction, the character I play on ABC-TV's number one show, "Home Improvement."  I'm also the big biker on the subway with the little old lady for "Breath Savers."  Well, that said, let me tell you just why I am writing this.

Like a lot of you, my first love is GOLF.  As an actor, I am invited to a number of celebrity golf tournaments for charity each year.  Also like you, I am always looking for anything that will help me improve my game.  Well, I have found one item that has helped me immensely, The Powerglove.

While attending the PGA show in Orlando, I met Mr. Matthew Goida.  He introduced me to The Powerglove.  I was intrigued, to say the least.  He told me that his father, John, had designed the glove.  John Goida was among a large number of people who loved the game of golf but was plagued by a major problem, a weak grip.  John was a "regripper" due to severe arthritis.  It was difficult for him to hold on to the club.  Hence, he designed The Powerglove.  Well, as we all know, "GRIP IS EVERYTHING!"

Matthew asked me to try The Powerglove.   Well, I'll try anything once.  I first used The Powerglove at the Frank Sinatra Celebrity Golf Tournament in Palm Springs, California.  I'm sure you know it never rains in California.  An amazing thing happened.  It poured buckets on the tournament.  There is nothing worse than a wet glove and club grip.  I used The Powerglove strap and the club never turned in my hand.  If for no other reason than the rain, I love my Powerglove but there are a lot more reasons.

The Powerglove is made of cabretta leather that stays soft and guess what, the seams are never in the wrong, uncomfortable place.  The glove truly feels like a second skin.  Forget the power strap for a minute, the Powerglove is the best and most comfortable glove I have ever used.

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Mickey Jones

Mickey Jones


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